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Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue

I Ship Shoebeans, And So Should You

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Welcome, all, to the Offical Shoebean Livejournal Cult.

I am the one and only Shoe, and my dearest Wifey beanswednesday and I decided to make this community. Why?
After the recent onset of Shoebean shipping on www.sheroescentral.com
we decided to take things to another level. Make a shipping
community. You know you've made it in the ship world when you have a

How did things start, you ask?

Well, once upon a time, there was a Shoe... and there was a Bean.

A long long time ago, in a galaxy far far away.

Okay, it all started on Sheroes, when I IMed Beans.... Before long,
we were very close friends. Too close, in some people's opinions.

I'll just answer some questions.


Why the weird names?

I am Shoe, Fagshoe, because of a book both Beans and I hold very dear
to our hearts: Please Don't Kill The Freshman by Zoe Trope. Linux Shoe
is Zoe's fag, just as I am Beans' fag. Thus, Fagshoe, which over the
course of months has become Shoe, Shoey, Shoes, Shoesy, and other such

Beans has been Beans for a very long time, it was given to her long
ago as a replacement for her henious legal name.

What are your real names?

Pssh, go away.

Are you dating?

No, we just like to make people think we are. We're "Roommates" for
ever and ever.

Are you actually lesbians?

We're as gay as they come, no pun intended. -coughguttermindedcough-

What is the purpose of this community?

Well, there are many purposes. To laugh... Post photoshopped pictures
of the Shoebean, post fanfic, post love poems... Remember old
posts... Be fangirled by the masses...

How can I contact the Shoebean?


Email: Dewdropoflove@gmail.com
AIM: Touchshadows


Email: Bloodkisses@gmail.com
AIM: FreakandRainbow


Here are the avatars and banners used on Sheroes, feel free to use
them and confuse the general public. If you don't feel like confusing the
general public, we request that you at least put BEAN/SHOE, or
BEAN/SHOE = OTP in your sig.
Pretty please? With sugar on top? And chocolate syrup and whipped
cream and handcuffs if you're nice?

ICON: this works for both Sheroes and Livejournal, we prefer you do not hotlink.


"fuck.", *fucks*, *hugs*, *snogs*, always listening to shoe, amy lee, androgyny, angelina jolie, ani difranco, art studios, artsy people, bean/shoe, beans, being "roomates", being 18, bellatrix lestrange, ben and jerry, bending the rules, birkenstocks, black nailpolish, blood, boob cake, boobs, brainconnections, brains, bubble wrap, bush for ex-president, caffeine, camp, cemeteries, chocolate, coffee, cold black coffee, coming out, confusing people, cross-country escape plans, cty, dar williams, dominance, dying in interesting ways, dyke boots, dykes, ellen degeneres, eulogy, fags, fagshoe, famke jannsen, fascist coffee, freak and tani, freaking out, freaks, free hugs for liberals, fuck fetishes, fucking fagshoe, fucking haglove, gayboys, girls, girlsnogging, gothy people, guitars, guttermindedness, haglove, hair dye, having 141 interests, having a cult following, hiding under blankets, i love you more, idina menzel, indigo girls, insane exes, insanity, iscariot, kali and izzy, kali/lilith, killing kittens, leelee sobieski, leelee sobieski's voice, lesbian music, lesbians, lesbians with guitars, lezzies, liberals, licking phones, lilith and ivy, living on islands, long-distance non-relationships, macs, masochism, maureen/joanne, melisande shahrizai, melting into puddles, momentary lapses of sanity, night, not shaving, not using tampons, parker posey, phonekink, pianosex, plastic wrap, poking parents, pride flags, public indecency, rain, rainbow, rent, roomates, scars, seattle, seduction, sexy female villains, shamelessness, shane, shane's voice, sharp teeth, sheroes, shipping, shoe/bean, shoes, short hair, showerheads, sleeping late, sloopdeep, starving artists, staying up too late, submissiveness, summer, swords, tegan and sara, the l word, the voices, tori amos, tori saying fuck, upholding stereotypes, vampires, vegetarians, wasting minutes texting, wearing glasses, weird mismatched people, wibbling, wifies, your mom